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Tuition and Fees

A student permitted to study elsewhere for either “educational advantage” or for “personal reasons” shall pay to the University of Pennsylvania the total sum of the Law School’s tuition and fees minus the tuition and fees of the other law school, or 5% of our Law School’s tuition and fees, whichever amount is greater.

A student studying away for “educational advantage” is required to provide to Penn’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs a statement from the appropriate official of the other law school certifying the charge in tuition and fees made to the student. This statement is due in the Associate Dean’s office by November 1 of the year of enrollment. If the other law school is located in a foreign country, the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the foreign currency shall be that in effect on the first Monday in November.

The Law School Registrar shall soon thereafter provide to the student a bill. Payment of this bill shall be due on February 1 of the academic year. This sum is to be paid before the University of Pennsylvania will certify the graduation of the student.

A student studying law at another university for a full academic year or a semester is not eligible for scholarships/grants from the University or the Law School. In addition, the student will not be eligible for either Perkins or McKean loans. Applications for the Direct Loan Program and/or private loans will be processed by the University Loan Office and should be filed in a timely manner to ensure prompt receipt of funds. The amount of their non-matriculation fee, if based on the difference between Penn’s tuition and that of the host institution may be reduced if the student is the recipient grants or scholarships. Further information can be obtained from the Admissions and Financial Aid Office in the Law School.