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One for the World

One for the World is a movement focused on changing views around charitable giving to end extreme poverty around the world. With more than 1.5 million non-profits in the US alone, it can be difficult to identify which organizations create the most impact for those in need. One for the World, with the help of GiveWell, recommends highly-effective charities that combat the causes and symptoms of extreme poverty to help reduce needless suffering and eradicate problems like malaria and child malnutrition around the globe. Specifically, at Penn Law, this group’s mission is to motivate people to consider donating 1% or more of their post-graduate income to the world’s most cost-effective charities (a portfolio that is updated every year). As law students, our quality of life is probably no different with only 99% of our salaries. But with that 1%, we can change the lives of those in extreme poverty. See more at